Wim Dankbaar Ordered by Dutch Courts to Have His Head Examined!

Blogger and JFK assassination conspiracy theorist,  Wim Dankbaar,  was ordered by a Dutch court to undergo a psychological examination after he repeatedly challenged the court hearing his case which involves Dankbaar’s ongoing defamation and stalking of people who oppose his theories about a famous Dutch murder.

Apparently, on two occasions, Dankbaar attempted to challenge the Court in Groningen, Netherlands.  Both attempts failed and the fed-up court finally ordered that the disturbed Dankbaar should be examined for his aggressive public actions.

Mr. Dankbaar stood before the magistrate in Groningen because he engaged in an internet campaign of defamation and stalking against two men in connection with the murder of Marianne Vaatstra, a famous case for which Dankbaar has strong opinions, which seem to be countered by every reasonable person who knows about the case.

Dankbaar claims that the real killer was never caught.   The victims of his massive stalking campaign won their cases against Dankbaar for defamation, libel and insult.

The lawsuit was delayed for hours because of Dankbaar’s continuous court challenges. The magistrate, therefore, in the late afternoon decided the case by referring to the bench and ordered Dankbaar’s psychological examination.

Dankbaar’s name means “Grateful” in Dutch.  A rough Google translation of this report may be found HERE *****

This is not the first time that Dankbaar has resorted to internet scamming, fraud and defamation.  He has an ongoing vendetta against individual J Bartell, American investigative reporter/consumer advocate Judd McIlvain and Dutch investigative reporter Peter R. DeVries.  Dankbaar has defamed all three across the internet on websites and in forum posts for many years.  Interestingly, Mr. DeVries was once Dankbaar’s partner in a film venture about JFK, but that didn’t stop Dankbaar from hacking into Mr. DeVries email accounts then harassing him and viciously engaging in an internet campaign involving sexual innuendo and obscenities.

Wim Dankbaar is the JFK murder conspiracist who has written numerous articles and posts, along with selling a variety of videos and DVDs related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  He firmly believes that the sole assassin is an imprisoned man by the name of James Files, a theory that has been debunked by many people throughout the years.  Yet, Dankbaar has made a fortune selling his myths.