Advertising More Important to Progressive Insurance Than People – Victims
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You can’t watch television without being bombarded daily by Progressive Auto Insurance hitting you over the head with how wonderful a company it is.  Well, FLO, Progressive Insurance’s hippy-dippy bright and chipper advertising SHILL should be banging her head against a wall in shame over the company’s regressive policies of stupidly and aggressively denying legitimate claims against its clients.

I used to think the bubbly beacon of LIES was funny in those commercials; now I just want to shoot her eye out with “ A Christmas Story”’s little Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB gun.

Progressive SUCKS.  Scores of people all across the internet think so too about this auto insurance company.  It’s been ravaged by complaints for years.  Too bad the scuzzy entity doesn’t bother to change its attitude or disgusting policies.

Complaints & Reviews
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Here’s a really good story:
CBS News August 16, 2012, 11:52 AM — Internet outrage grows around Progressive Insurance: This week, Internet outrage has mounted against Progressive insurance. Many Progressive customers are taking to social networking sites to declare that they will cancel their policies after a blogger accused the insurance company of defending a driver who killed one of its policyholders. READ MORE/WATCH VIDEO!

Better Business Org. — 1287 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 429 closed in last 12 months.  Problems with Product/Service accounted for 869 of those complaints.

Trailer Hitch Injuries Proved But Progressive Can’t Be Bothered
More recently insurance adjusters for the crappy company claimed that no one could possibly be injured by its client who bashed into the back of a stopped car just because there was no actual damage to the victims’ car.  Except in this case, their client bashed hard into the car’s trailer hitch which PROGRESSIVE insurance companies and their claims agents should know actually causes more damage to the occupants as the force of impact is transferred directly from the frame of the vehicle to the victims inside.

The Influence of a Tow Bar on Crash Pulse in Rear End Car Accidents is discussed in great detail in a well known Swedish study back in 2002 – a study very well understood by personal injury lawyers in this country but something the insurance companies wish to ignore so they can continue to deny claims.  Here’s a quote from its preface “…the database from the Swedish insurance company Folksam and research show that rear-end collisions have twice a higher risk for whiplash injuries than frontal ones. … If you look at the material properties of a tow-bar, it can be considered as a rigid element compared to the other components at the back of the car (e.g. plastic bumper).”  The FULL REPORT is a 55-page detailed study with graphs, illustrations, conclusions, an appendix of professional references going back to 1991). READ IT HERE

BUT Progressive, the regressive insurance company and its agents can’t be bothered to take any of this into account.  Instead, it will use every excuse not to pay on claims. — “According to a studies conducted and results released through Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, 2005 and Accident Analysis & Preventions 32 (2000) 187-195), occupants in vans or light trucks are at an increased risk for cervical and lumbar injuries. This risk is associated with the frame of the vehicle that distributes the forced of the collision onto the occupant of the vehicle, rather than through the plastic of the vehicle. The injury is a difference between the acceleration of the individual in the vehicle and the vehicle itself.”

It seems everyone understands the problem with tow hitches except for retarded insurance companies, specifically Progressive:

National Safety Commission Gets It:
Here’s an Excerpt: (the author is an expert in rear end collisions)  Friday, April 01, 2011 How Receiver Hitches Affect Rear End Collision Injuries
Today, roughly 40% of the vehicles on the highway have receiver hitches – and although they are necessary for towing – they reduce rear end collision damage and INCREASE the risk of whiplash by creating a stiff “crash pulse”.
In a European study by Chalmers with data from Folksam and Autoliv they concluded that a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch (tow bar) increases the risk of whiplash by 22% if it is hit in the rear. And in the United States the most frequent vehicle accident is the rear end collision.

In a rear end collision involving a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch, the crash energy is transferred directly to the frame of the “target” vehicle and then to the occupants. This isn’t rocket science. If you bolt a steel beam (receiver hitch) to the steel frame rails of a pickup truck or SUV – you’re going to create a stiffer “crash pulse”. A receiver hitch completely changes the crash dynamics.

If you are involved in a rear end collision and you have a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch chances are that the damage to your vehicle will be minimized. Although you may think this is a good thing, the biggest problem arises if you want to make an injury claim. Your insurance company will argue that since there is little damage to your vehicle, you could not have been injured – and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For the insurance company it’s a win, win situation – they don’t have to spend as much money fixing your vehicle and it makes it more difficult for you because low impact crash cases are becoming increasingly more complex and harder to prove when they show little damage.

SO DESPITE two senior citizen victims having incurred thousands of dollars in chiropractic medical bills for whiplash and back injuries this is how Progressive’s regressive English language challenged claims agent Angela Rivers ( replied in a recent letter directed to the victims’ attorney:  “As we previously advised you, the was a a low-impact, low-velocity accident on in which we would not expect an injury .. Please be advised that it is unlikely that we will consider any treatment related to your clients’ injury.”

This was after prior Progressive claims agent Jennifer Lewan disrespected the victims and personally told one of the seniors “I have a gun in my purse”….

Others Get It!

Next time Progressive’s hippy-dippy shitty SHILL FLO shows her face we should all push the red button in the hopes she will self implode and take the company’s pig claims agents with her.