Monty Roberts Fraud – Case 158

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There have been multiple lawsuits against Monty Roberts, even for horse abuse, as in the case of Big Red Fox, the horse he used in his BBC wild mustang capture video. There have been charges of lying and fraud with regard to his book, even from his own family members, including his brother. 

Monty Roberts claims everyone is lying BUT him. Please read the accompanying articles for background information. NOTE: Mr. Roberts has claimed on his own website that he was was being extorted by people associated with this website to have it taken down. THAT’S A LIE. Monty was being sued by people he lied to and harmed, including a woman who was nearly killed as a result of his lies about training a mustang horse.

Those people were seeking to have medical bills reimbursed by Monty (and his son Marty Roberts, his business manager) who said he would and then he turned around and contacted the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office and LIED to them about what was going on, saying he was being extorted.  THE D.A. DID NOT PURSUE THE MATTER BECAUSE MONTY ROBERTS WAS THE ONE LYING.

      “My son recently worked at the Monty Robert’s Flag is Up Farms and left, disgusted by the inconsistencies, lies, fraud and mistreatment of horses.  We personally rescued 2 horses from the farm that were going to be destroyed.  One because it wouldn’t respond to Robert’s “method”, the other because it was “ugly”.  

We had learned of other horses that had been destroyed because they wouldn’t respond to his “method” and have nothing but disgust for him. One of the horses we personally rescued was a wild mustang named Thunder who would not conform to Roberts’ so called method of training. 

They would not allow anyone to go near the horse, calling it dangerous, and were going to have it destroyed.  My son challenged him and we took the horse to our farm where my son has gentled and worked with Thunder who is now a wonderful, perfect gentleman. As a trainer my son has spoken with others who have had horses destroyed because of Monty Roberts recommendation to do so. 

We observed personally the fraud in his Join Up training demonstration.  He uses horses that have already been tried and tested and says he has never seen the horse before.  It was terribly embarrassing for us when we realized what he was doing.  Thank you for creating a website with the truth about this fraud. — (received Oct. 2013)

Negligence, Gross Bodily Harm
Fraud & Deceit – Defamation – Fraudulent Author
Breach of Contract – Animal Abuse

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VIDEO EVIDENCE: MONTY ROBERTS ENCOURAGES HORSE TORTURE IN BRAZIL: shows Roberts enticing Brazilian Peons to beat a young horse to death as he directs his crew to video it in the show ground of the nationals of MANGALARGA MARCHADOR  “the national horse of Brazil. Brazilians want to take action against him and show the world who he is.  — RECEIVED JUNE 2014

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