Arnold Schwarzenegger Girlie-Man

by Sandra Trejillo

Arnold Schwarzenegger really is a girlie-man, a frightful term for this muscle-bound, dork. He doesn’t have the balls (or brains apparently) required to meet with other California gubernatorial hopefuls on equal footing in a debate. At least not without his handlers telling him what to think and say. Arnold’s the only major candidate running in California’s recall election who won’t show up in Walnut Creek for the first debate. The reason — the candidates won’t know the questions beforehand which means Arnold would have to think for once instead of parroting a script that some idiots working for him made up.

Wouldn’t it be nice for this action figure to take a stand on anything important? On second thought, wouldn’t it better if he knew anything substantive about the issues before he opened his big muscular jaw and uttered, or sputtered a thought or two?